Are you a teacher, headmaster or PTA member?
Looking to raise funds?

The school magic shows David offers include magic, music, lots of laughter, silliness and

audience participation. 

There are slightly different shows aimed at the various Key stage groups and the show is always adapted to fit the age of the children watching. 


A show typically lasts 45 minutes but can be reshaped to fit in with what you require.


The show will always be a very current, fast paced show aimed at the modern child. 

All the children are involved in the action from start to finish, not giving them any time to  get distracted.


The show will be performed in front of a beautiful, 12x8 feet, star cloth backdrop (which makes the room feel very magical) and a professional sound system with music. 

You can use the show to create funds
for your school!

Get in touch and David will explain how you can easily achieve approx £800,

in just one afternoon, with very little work. 

David came to Hawkhurst Primary School and did 2 shows. Key stage 1 (4-7 year olds) & Key stage 2 (7-11 year olds) each 45 minute show was suited to the 2 age groups. With just over 30 children in each group.


He had them all eager to go and help him. We even had tears at the end because a child didn't want the show to finish and another asked for his autograph. David is fantastic with the children.

If your looking for a child entertainer I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much for your show.

Rebecca Cheeseman - Hawhurst Primary School 

Marian Vian School PTA has engaged Klassy Magic to perform a show for our Reception Classes for the last couple of years and will be doing so again in a couple of weeks. He is simply brilliant- captivating an audience of 90 children and entertaining little'uns and adults alike!

Tina Lorkins - Marian Vian Primary School